picture of Björn Ambos Björn Ambos University of St. Gallen Program Chair

picture of Igor Filatotchev Igor Filatotchev City University London Program Chair

picture of Ondrej Landa Ondrej Landa Czech Society for Strategic Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program Chair

Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

We are delighted to invite you to the SMS 32nd Annual International Conference in Prague! The magnificent city embodies the spirit of the conference theme, Strategy in Transition, like few other places on this planet.

The city's history is preserved in its majestic old town, spired cathedrals, and the many bridges that connect the banks of the Vltava River. The grandeur of this ancient city is elevated by the juxtaposition of European history and traditions with an entrepreneurial spirit that has carried Prague into the modern day. After the fall of the former Iron Curtain, Prague again emerged as a city with an acute sense of business acumen, and has since become one of the leaders in a transition that has spanned decades and transformed societies.

Significant, and truly historic, transitions have shaped not only the societal institutions and the physical landscape of Prague, but particularly the minds of people in Central and Eastern Europe. Business and institutional strategies have undergone fundamental transformations as well. We are keen to explore the impact of these strategies and their bearing on long-term changes and transformations of businesses, public institutions, and their interrelationship.

We issued a Call for Proposals for this conference last year, and we are pleased that it was received so positively; with close to 1200 submissions this year's program is going to be more competitive than ever. We are grateful to the almost 600 individuals who have volunteered to review these submissions. This conference would not be possible without their willingness to give of their time and talent. Our aim is to create a diverse gathering of scholars and practitioners to reflect and discuss strategies for operating in a transitional and transformative environment.

We encourage you to take part in this international conference and join us in the enchanted city of Prague in October 2012!


Björn Ambos
Igor Filatotchev
Ondrej Landa

Strategic Management Society