Session 272

Unified Theory of Industry Evolution

Track E

Date: Sunday, October 7, 2012


Time: 11:15 – 12:30

Interest Group Panel

Room: North Hall

Session Chair:

  • Michael Lenox, University of Virginia


Over the past decade, there has been increasing convergence between the literatures on strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and entry. In this session, we will explore whether these literatures may be unified to inform a more complete understanding of industry evolution. Central to the discussion is the question: Based on these literatures, could we craft a unifying and robust model of competition at the industry level? One of the goals is to broaden the lens of most strategy research from the firm level to the industry level. Second, and equally important, we wish to explore how our understanding of the micro-dynamics of competition can help inform public policy especially on issues of economic development. We hypothesize that industrial policy could benefit from the unique perspective brought by many in the strategy and related literatures. Rather than a traditional panel discussion, this will be a working session. We will open with brief remarks by leading scholars at the intersection of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and entry. We will then form breakout groups among those in attendance tasked with generating ideas for research projects that could help advance us towards a “unified theory of industry evolution”.

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