Session 27

Competition and Sustainability

Track B

Date: Monday, October 8, 2012


Time: 08:00 – 09:15


Room: Dressing Room 221

Session Chair:

  • Stefan Haefliger, City University London

Title: Competition, Value, and Patient Quality of Life: A Social Practice Approach to Institutional Transition


  • Stefan Haefliger, City University London
  • Fotini Pachidou, ETH Zürich
  • Georg von Krogh, ETH Zurich

Abstract: Changes in the institutional context urge firms to fight change or innovate. However, established firms and experienced managers, even if they recognize early enough the need and the ways to tackle shifts in their institutional environment, often fail to respond effectively. We employ a social practice lens to study how networks of firms and their stakeholders, who are tightly linked with each other through regulation and market structure, enact institutional changes that are fundamentally threatening to the way of doing business in the pharmaceutical industry: from prescribing drugs to endorsing non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Title: Proactive Environmental Strategy and Firm Competitiveness: A Resource-based Analysis


  • María Dolores López-Gamero, University of Alicante
  • José F. Molina-Azorin, University of Alicante
  • Jorge Pereira-Moliner, University of Alicante

Abstract: The impact of proactive environmental strategy on competitiveness raises an ongoing debate in which the review of the existing literature yields no conclusive results. In this paper, we examine how firms use their complementary firm resources to develop strategies that are ecologically sustainable and profitable. We also analyse what kinds of firm resources are needed to develop sustainability business models and show that proactive environmental strategies may lead to the development of valuable organizational resources and capabilities in order to reduce environmental impacts and increase firm competitiveness. Finally, we examine whether ecologically responsible firms may differentiate themselves from competitors through proactive environmental strategies. This study develops a whole picture of this path process, which has previously only been partially discussed in the literature.

Title: Sustainability, Stakeholder Management, and Competitive Advantage: An Integrative Framework


  • Richard Reed, Cleveland State University
  • Ronald Nielsen, Cliffs Natural Resources
  • Susan Storrud-Barnes, Cleveland State University
  • Jeremy Zelwin, Cliffs Natural Resources

Abstract: The recent, rapid growth in the number of firms providing reports on sustainability, per the Global Reporting Initiative, has become a phenomenon of such proportions that it demands attention. We draw on theoretical and empirical research, and examples of what currently is happening in practice, to build an integrative framework of how firms can use sustainability to create a sustainable advantage while serving the needs of its stakeholders. At the heart of the framework are the ideas that sustainability includes managing stakeholders, that there are tangible and intangible benefits for both the firm and for primary stakeholders, and that reciprocity-driven bounded self-interest mediates the stakeholder-firm relationship in a way that is causally ambiguous.

Title: Transitioning from Within: A Metamorphosis of Strategy


  • Rubina Mahsud, Seattle University

Abstract: The remarkable growth of SMS comes with a huge responsibility. The subject of strategy is more than just a question of market competition; it touches on the essence of what it is to be human, as well as having effects that readily legitimize relations of inequality and privilege. SMS should be concerned with impact of its scholarly pursuit on a common man, women, and a child. SMS must understand its position as strategist seeing the forest instead of counting trees. This proposal offers an alternative vision of transition from within – a legacy of mitochondrial realignment that SMS members would like to be remembered for.

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