Session 141

Impact of the Acquisition & Loss of Human Capital: Putting a new spin on things

Track L

Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Time: 14:15 – 15:30


Room: Club B

Session Chair:

  • Benjamin Campbell, Ohio State University

Title: Spinning Off Onto Shaky Ground: Executive Mobility in Uncertain Environments


  • Y Sekou Bermiss, University of Texas at Austin
  • Johann Peter Murmann, University of New South Wales

Abstract: In the paper, we investigate how environmental uncertainty influences the effects of executive mobility. Blending insights from the upper echelons perspective and structural contingency theory we propose that when uncertainty arises within the element of a firm’s task environment, an executive whose functional background matches this component will become more valuable to that firm and thus more critical to the firm’s viability in the market. We test our hypotheses by studying the impact of the mobility of media advertising executives during the introduction of radio and television as mass communication channels.

Title: The Influence of Consultants on Performance: Evidence from the Bordeaux Wine Industry


  • Jérôme Barthelemy, ESSEC Business School

Abstract: Despite anecdotal evidence and case studies, few large-scale studies have examined the relationship between the use of consultants and performance. In this study, I examine the influence of consultants on performance in the Bordeaux wine industry. Using a novel database, I find evidence that the influence of consultants on wine price typically occurs indirectly (through an increase in wine quality). However, the most reputable consultants also have a direct positive impact on wine price.

Title: What Do I Take with Me?: Spin-out Team Characteristics and Parent and Spin-out Firm Performance


  • Rajshree Agarwal, University of Maryland
  • Benjamin Campbell, Ohio State University
  • April Franco, University of Toronto
  • Martin Ganco, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Abstract: Our study examines the impact of spin-out team characteristics on parent and spin-out performance. We argue that spin-out team size and spin-out team members’ shared experience have important effects on firm performance above and beyond the aggregated effects of individual team members. Using linked employee-employer data from the legal services industry, we find that spin-out performance increases with the size of the spin-out team while parent performance decreases with the size of the spin-out team and that shared experience of spin-out team members positively effects spin-out performance while having no incremental effect on parent firm performance. The team size findings are consistent with a transfer of complementary human assets while the team experience finding is consistent with a replication of resources across parent and spin-out.

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