Monday Night: October 8, 2012

An Evening at Prague Castle

Prague Castle: Photo Credit

Prague Castle: Photo Credit

Spanish Hall: Photo Credit

Prague Castle is the largest medieval castle complex in Europe and the ancient seat of Czech kings throughout the ages. Its history dates back to the 9th century (880) and the castle buildings represent virtually every architectural style of the last millennium. The Prague Castle complex is comprised of three courtyards and a great many buildings, including Saint Vitus Cathedral, the most recognizable landmark in the city, several palaces, viewing towers, museums and art galleries, including the National Gallery collection of Bohemian baroque and mannerism art. Today, Prague Castle is the seat of the President of the Czech Republic and serves as the historical and political center for both city and state.

Conference attendees will enjoy a unique dining experience in the Spanish Hall, which has been the most important stateroom of the New Palace of Prague Castle since its origin at the beginning of the 17th century. Attendees will also be treated to an organ concert in St. Vitus Cathedral, which is the largest cathedral in Prague. Its spires are one of the dominant features of the city skyline.

Due to the high number of conference attendees, we are unable to offer the opportunity to bring a guest to this event.

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